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Want to collect data but don’t know where to begin? Do you need help determining what type of data to collect? Uncertain about the frequency of data collection? Are you uncertain about your sample locations not being ideal? Unsure about which variables you should collect? Stuck on how to protect your data integrity?

Let HL NEXUS Harness and Cultivate the Value of Your Data

We provide comprehensive data collection services, from developing your project’s data collection strategy to optimising data collection so that you are confident that the high-quality data you collect meets your needs and secures your sustainability objectives.

Our team works closely with the Client to use existing applications or develop custom applications to collect and manage the highest-quality data.

HL Nexus Data Management Solutions Include:

  • Design a data governance program: Defining and managing data policies and procedures for classifying, organizing, and communicating complex activities around decisions.
  • Data quality management: Creating tools and processes to assess, manage, control and improve the accuracy, completeness, validity and quality of data
  • Data architecture assessment: Analyzing the existing data environment and developing guidelines that address operational data stores, data warehouse and data mart implementations.
  • Data integration: Analyzing existing data integration processes and developing guidelines that cover how data is collected, combined, transformed and stored.
  • Metadata management: Developing guidelines that cover handling data definitions and information about data.
  • Data security: Analyzing existing data security processes and developing best practices to improve data content protection and security during transmission.